With this Orange pi!  so because I couldn't afford much at the time I ended up buying a orange pi pc and and a orange pi zero.    So far not enjoying them at all compared to the raspberry pi.


Right now trying to put a bit of work into making my Mostly Printed CNC machine into  a lower watt category then running my windows vista computer.  So hopefully soon will get things going well on the Orange pi.

I have not given up but mark my words I will not be getting anymore for future projects.


Some people might enjoy them but I don't the first thing was power issues.


Also using it to figure out if I can't incorporate it into another project I have so far its been ok picking up the usb devices I want to run well minus one usb wifi that works in the pi I am sure if played with it would go but at this point ill just plug in something that works.


I might change my mind down the road on this but right now its been more work then I expected it to be.