So after playing with the Infineon DC Motor shield I thought well its time to get into more things motors for fun.   But I didn't want to do anything normal so today I am starting making a automatic wire stripper.   I have seen some designs out there for this but found it wasn't what I was looking for.  I wanted something for recycling copper wire and that could be unattended and only need attention when inserting new wires into the machine.   So 3d printer time,  design time and hopefully get something working here shortly will be using 3/4 inch conduit for the frame design as I have lots of it and I made some cool blocks for prototyping on thingiverse for such occasions.


After getting this completed I will get back to my Mostly Printed Sander build having a few issues with that but have a feeling I will get that sorted out sooner then later just a back burner project which would be cool to have.  I love building tools and things that would cost a arm and a leg on a consumer side even if its not pretty but functional I am happy.   I remember my first usb powered parts tumbler from a old printer that was fun but not something that gets used a lot so making it vs buying is great.


Hope everyone is having a great day and everyone is playing safe.


Also just wanna say thanks to element14 for the recent roadtest review opportunity was a lot of fun and will definitely grow from my experience with it in future ones.