So I am still working on my project putting a ton of time in it but since I am not working at the moment I have the time to immerse myself into my projects a bit before the wife gets after me so if you have seen my previous blog posts you know what I have been working on for those who haven't feel free to check them out and let me introduce you to my new little friend the MPWireStripper well almost its just a thing at this point until I can figure out the cutter to get  more down pressure I have a redesign with a piece of conduit that will go through it instead of only 8mm on each side but the motor I have is a bit fast so I might have to come up with something else if I don't get the torque I want with a speed controller or gearbox.  which I think will be my next step I figure I will make a non motorized version as well will help me better understand it a bit more I feel so I am not constantly trying to figure out the electronics then move on to a but run on sentences.  I printed a few more guide wheels hopefully one of them will work a bit better I don't have pics of them but would be nice to use a metal roller but don't have anything that small to use on it.  Was hard enough finding the 4 screws I needed around the shop.. lol.



here is the unit so far with the motor laying below I wanted to add more strength to it so added another to the other side to help with the stability wasn't hooked up tho just to see if it would help and here is the result.



So ya printing out the new middle assembly for starters and have the new rollers but will have to make a new motor mount just for testing as the cutter will be forward more now with the new design once I get that finished printing I will toss up a picture of it below here.

Anyone got some ideas please feel free to toss them my way lol would love to get something going here in the next day or two well before the weekend for sure.