So I have been working on the final design on my MPWire Stripper today so much work on this project cant wait to see it running. 


Anyways so prototyping went well so I decided time to get final design done and printed out.  Using google sketchup a few of my parts it didn't matter what I did I couldn't figure out how to repair them properly I tried running it through software and repair tools and manual editing of the parts nothing was working.


This is what I came up with just before I was about to give up.


export the stl from google sketchup

upload it to repair on

one its done open it with 3D Builder (should be auto installed on win10) to check it out then click on save as in the menu and save it as a stl

Now open up google sketchup and go to the warehouse and search for sketchup STL

Install it

Then go to file import and then select .stl from the file time in the drop down on the bottom right.

Now select your stl to import and open it

now edit the few parts that need to be hole opened up and so on. (might have to right click on it and select explode to edit correctly)

Finally export .stl and then open with your printer software and now it should render correctly for printing.


I know there is a ton of methods out there I have tried a lot over the last while and I found this to be my tried tested and true method.