So I thought I would share as I know sometimes people want to build something but they are not sure what or just need something for prototyping I came up with some blocks that fit on 3/4 inch EMT Conduit, 23.5mm as I have a ton of it left over from my MPCNC and when I have worn out conduit I need to do something with it so why not make it useful.




I just wanted something that would fit together so I could prototype my projects quicker and then be able to do a final design after with the correct dimension after.   So I get to reuse these blocks over and over again making it a great addition to the shop I cut a bunch of conduit at certain lengths and tossed them into a box for storage.  Works great!


here is a link to the files on thingiverse


The great thing is conduit is cheap its about 9 bucks Canadian for 10ft to me you can't beat that.  plus the great things about the blocks as you can just scale them as well if you have different sized tube that you want to use possibly would only suggest going smaller but would be good for bigger as well depends on how much you want to use.


I also posted my design on not sure if any will sell but they are there and also my new version is going up on there in the next few days as well since I wanted to cut the filament usage down and looks like I did a decent job at that so quite happy about that.


here is the link to the items if you want to see the new version in the next few days.

actually here is the google sketchup of it as well.



print time is alot less on this version and seems to be just as good as the version 1.   the 3d model of it tho will be on to get a better look at it tho.


Now I know they are not perfect but have to start somewhere  now that I have use these it was easy to print up my final design for my MPWire Stripper I just have to print the left side of it then will put it up as well as I think its pretty sweet for custom manual wire stripper.   Which I have the design for a motor mount in the works but want to find out some low torque motors that would be good for the project first before I send it out to the world.



Now why am I posting this?  Because I want your feedback as I am always looking to be better and do better so no holding back if you want to direct message me feel free to but please honesty would be great as I appreciate the good and the bad so please criticize  my work. lol


Thanks guys.


Oh I guess I should show you the MPWC design that I have as well here is sample once again from google sketchup