So when I first started playing with the raspberry pi and getting it connected to my Arduino Uno  I was all but happy to see things starting to work I was able to program and upload sketches to it.


This was great for the first little bit but then all of a sudden projects became bigger and require either more from the IDE I started to notice the apt-get version was missing things and wasn't being updated as frequently as the version from the website so I decided to make a video on this on the raspberry pi 4 once again enjoying using it as my desktop and what I am using to write this post as well its been a great addition to be able to unlock a bit more power to get more reliant on my raspberry pi and be able to step away from my desktop computer. 


The major thing I had noticed in some of the IDE installs for Arduino was under Preferences the additional board manager URL wasn't there and there was a bunch of other little things missing so depending on your version of pi flavor you might run into this issue at some point and well its great to know how to install it both ways so that way you can quickly resolve any issues with the program.


I am happy on YouTube it has already helped one person so thought I would post it here as well in hopes it might help others.   Sorry if the video quality isn't as good as it should be I have to add a higher resolution monitor to my pi for future videos.  Enjoy and have a good day eh!