Today was a fun day I got to try a bunch of things out and was greatly excited to get it finally going my raspberry pi 4 desktop is now a full streaming setup.


I used  which then I was able to use the web broadcaster in chromium just fine.  So then I was like well I need music so I had to figure out how I was going to do that.  Silly me not remembering that I could easily just loop my pi through my mixer and then output through the microphone audio this worked well.


Mind you the only real issue I had was my microphone levels on playback it all sounds good but I didn't mark it down I think I will have to come up with a way to have it only turn up to a certain point that way if I need to mute the microphone then I can just turn it down so the desktop audio still plays through.


I wanted to have multiple cameras so with my Logitech webcam as my main camera I wanted a top down camera so I decided that I would try a few options.  First of all there was no luck getting my roxio working on the pi so I opted for now to run my canon camera through rca to usb you know  one of those silly usb to vhs adapters you can buy for cheap on amazon.   Well it did the tick for now until I get a better cable.


Some feed back I was given was to add some light to the top down as is it didn't look that bad.  So I will have to play around with lighting in the next few attempts.


But with that all being said I was able to stream from my raspberry pi 4 to twitch and YouTube with woooo finally.


origionally I was going to use obs but then after the issues I was having with it I went on my search to find the alternative that might work.


One thing I will say about using the Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop is you constantly try to find new ways to do the things that other computers can do with a single click.  So it might not be the best alternative but its a start in the right direction.


and onto the video's check out my first two streams below.





my current broadcasting/recording setup for the pi4 more details coming on that this week will do a rundown and how I setup everything.