I have searched the internet for a way to stream music to arduino using serial port.

What I actually wanted doing is playing music during the time arduino drive DC motor.

I can say I couldn't find a descent library for doing it, so I ended up doing it by myself.


I found some template which I can work with: Streaming Audio over Serial

But many things were missing, mostly the remote software and the parsing of WAV files...


After a weekend (my most productive times are weekends ) I managed to play sound in arduino and in the middle of playing the sound do something else (e.g. turn led pin on/off)

Since many files are needed (arduino code, wav parser, remote SW) I put it all on github.



To play sound i used 2N222 transistor in this setup:



My remote program is written in Perl, and I'm using linux as a remote station.

I am using ffmpeg as a generic converter to pre-process the files for arduino format (8 bit PCM), convert.sh file is provided under music folder.


I would like to hear your thought about it

  • Can somebody try run it on windows? I know many users like windows.
  • Do you think the code is robust enough?
    • Is it self explained how to add new codes?
  • Do you think this is something you could use for some project?
  • Using bluetooth serial module this project can be wireless.
    • Is there an android fan who thinks he can code Java remote client to interface with the code?
      I think a phone as a remote could be great...