I have a new The specified item was not found. CC2650 SensorTag.

element14 is running a roadtest on that soon: TI CC2650STK SimpleLink™ IoT SensorTag.




I have made a test setup to connect it with the BLE dongle of the Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy PIONEER Kit..


That works very well. The SensorTag broadcasts itself when you push the small button on the left side (if you hold it like I show on the photo above).

You can then pair it with the Cypress SySMART USB dongle using the CySmart software.


Starting up the CySmart USB Dongle and Pairing the Devices


The USB dongle is a Programmable BLE radio on chip (PRoC) on its own. It comes with a software tool called CySmart.

This tool allows you to let the dongle scan for BLE devices, connect to them and run a conversation.


And that's what we're doing here.

Once you are in CySmart and you've connected to the dongle, you can press the scan button.

That's the right time to press the small button on the left side of the SensorTag.

A green light on the SensorTag goes flashing, and the dongle finds your device:




The info you see in the screen capture is that what the SensorTag is publicly broadcasting. Once you connect the two up, you can engage in conversation and get at the BLE characteristics.


The Meta Characteristics


The first thing you can look at is the metadata that's available via Bluetooth.

There are a number of readable characteristics that tell us more about the device.




Apart from the manufacturer name and firmware version, there's others (Model Number, Device Name, ...).


Getting Push Button Notifications


It's possible to subscribe to events. There is a button on the right side of the device that can send BLE notifications when pressed and released.


By default, the notifications are inactive. You can activate them by writing a '1' to a characteristic:



Once you press the Write Value button, the message is sent to the SensorKit. It will start sending notifications:


[15:03:11:412] : 'Characteristic Value Notification' event received
[15:03:11:412] :    Attribute Handle: 0x0049
[15:03:11:412] :    Value: [01]
[15:03:12:847] : 'Characteristic Value Notification' event received
[15:03:12:847] :    Attribute Handle: 0x0049
[15:03:12:847] :    Value: [00]


In the log above, you see one push and one release notification arriving back from the SensorTag to the dongle. The attribute value is [01]for push down, and [00]for released button.

In CySmart, you get these events in the console, and the atrtributes are updated real time too.

The following pictures show the capture of the two events above:




I haven't shown any of the 10 sensors embedded in the SensorTag at this point, but we've seen what the BLE traffic looks like.

If you subscribe to the TI CC2650STK SimpleLink™ IoT SensorTag roadtrest, good luck to you!


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