I'm having a tough time with Arduino. Probably like a number of people these days.


A: There's this sentiment of disgust with how SRL acts as a business partner. But the adult me knows what business is like sometimes. They're all adult. Both LLC and SRL are real businesses operating in the business biosphere.

B: On the other side there's LLC. They have my community and open source support. But they're posting communiques that want to tap into that sympathy. They play the hurt partner. Even though they are also a full partner of situation A.


When adult, big companies start to post emotional posts to get support from a community, warning lights start to flash in my castle.

Please stop that  and take some business worthy decisions as a company.

Check what Adafruit did. They have made decisions based on the dispute. But they have steered away from the emotional part  - even firmly stated that they would not comment on the situation.


In my world, businesses should do business. Feel free to build, or tap into, a community. Both sides win.

Here both businesses are loosing. Maybe we see some great products, but the magic and chemistry are lost. Forever.  All sides lost.

My no-go zone is when a business tries to pull a community into its business affairs. Grow a pair.