devbisme announced his KiPart utility recently (KiCAD lovers, check out KiPart).

Here's my write-down of the first trial.


I took a part that was lying on my desk. It's a 9-pin LMG5200 GaN chip.

I opened the datasheet and copied the pin assignments


I pasted that in a spreadsheet, and cleaned it up. I added additional info for the KiPart utility.


I saved the file as a csv, and executed the utility.



And that was it. I ended up with a new symbol that I can use in KiCad.



It was a really straightforward exercise. It was easier to learn than the symbol editor - and better for my nerves. I mastered it in just a few minutes.


I've attached my csv and library file.


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KiCAD lovers, check out KiPart