The element14 roadtests are a great way to learn new things. Whenever I see a test that interests me, I enroll.

Success is not guaranteed. I've been selected for some, not for others. In this series I'll explain how I decide to enroll or not.

I'll also show how I build my case, including some examples from my applications.


In this post I try to build a case for a new roadtest - interactively with you.
You can give me advice on what I should add, delete, change, improve...


The New Application


I'm going to enroll into the TI Ultrasonic Sensing RoadTest. With the kit from that test you can evaluate the content of fluid containers from the outside.

With a piezo transmitter/receiver (I believe there's one included in the box), you can check levels, but also density of materials.

Here's my application:


Application: TI Ultrasonic Sensing RoadTest

Plans for the standard kit setup


I'm going to create test setups to measure liquid height and check the precision (should be sub 1mm with a 1MHz piezo tranceiver).

ultrasonic sensor

I want to teach the kit what the density of a few liquids is, and then try to see if I can make it recognize what liquid is in a closed container. I'll use some fluids that are very different, but I also want to try if I can measure the difference between milk and self-made Nesquik.


tropicana pure premium


I'll also check how it performs when the container is shielded, like the aluminium lined package of the drink carton above.


The last test is to see if it does a reasonable job when measuring liquid levels from above (can I measure the amount of air?).



Additional plans


I'd like to check if I can use the TI SensorTag in combination with the TDC1000, and create a wireless measurement station.

fvan has just sent me the Debugger DevPack for the SensorTag, so it would be nice if I can use that in the RoadTest.


SensorTag Debugger DevPack


As another out-of-the-box exercise, I want to see how this kit can be used for not-so-obvious measurements. Can I measure the thickness of a wall? Distances? Blood flow? ...


Update: added two proposals from dougw.

I will try to use the sensor and IC as a parking assist. I'll check how the combination works when mounted behind car trimming (a bumper) and see if it can measure that it's approaching an object.

As an extra challenge, I will try to use the device as anemometer - if I can find more information on how to properly set up a test fixture.



Your Turn


You can see that the application isn't a compelling story yet. There are ideas in there, but I don't think it'll stand out between the others.

If you have a great idea on how I can improve my text, please comment, and I'll try to adapt.




Thanks to my own procrastination behavior, I managed to miss the deadline by 6 minutes. Doh.




Yeah! I've been selected.



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