The element14 roadtests are a great way to learn new things. Whenever I see a test that interests me, I enroll.

Success is not guaranteed. I've been selected for some, not for others. In this series I'll explain how I decide to enroll or not.

I'll also show how I build my case, including some examples from my applications.


This is the technical part of my application for the Programmable DC Electronic Loads with the BK8600

All technical content is here. I've removed the part where I'm doing blatant self promotion, because that's none of *your* business .

I wasn't selected.


My plan with the electronic load is to show how the instrument is used in a real lab situation.

I have technology preview GaN FETs in the lab, medium-voltage (80 V) and high-voltage (600 V) ones.


I want to deploy the  BK8600BK8600 as the configurable load to help validate the efficiency of the early production GaN FETs versus the specifications.


Photo 25-05-16 22 34 54.jpg



I have created  a precision test bed for the GaN devices,

I can have them in a buck configuration, driven by a industrial safety microcontroller.

I can program the switch frequency, duty cycle, and a dead-band as low as 10 ns.

This programmable driver together with the programmable  BK8600BK8600 can be used to drive the test configuration.
I can change both the input signal and the electronic load in an automated setup and record the efficiency of the devices.



I will put the instrument to real use, and will make sure that I fully understand it before giving the RoadTest verdict.

My blogs will cover:

  • The use cases for a programmable load in a lab, the precision of the  BK8600BK8600 in the low ranges and the capabilities in the upper ranges
  • How to program the instrument and a write-up of my first attempt to program a real world test in the blog
  • A series on how to check the GaN FETs performance versus Texas Instruments specification:
    how to use the load to validate cutting edge technology
  • An honest and tough review report of the  BK8600BK8600 after a full evaluation
    its possibilities, user interface, documentation, its programming capabilities and the things I like or don't like.


< the blatant tapping @self on the shoulder removed >





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