It's Christmas! Well, almost. Santa has been early and delivered a present to me. I didn't realise this,

but he's moved his whole operation from the North Pole to Belgium (perhaps he likes chocolate, frites,

and reading Tintin comic books).


The present is a TPS54A20EVM evaluation module. In case that doesn't ring any bells, it's the same board

that jancumps has been experimenting with (the two-phase buck converter with a capacitor one). In fact

it IS one of his boards - he's been very generous and sent it to me to play with. Now I've got to do

something with it - why did I say yes?


This first blog is just the 'try it and see if it works' one. I'll do more with it later - probably at

the weekend.


Here's the input from a bench supply set to 12V:




And here's the board running and giving 1.2V at the output with no load:




Hurrah, it works! Jan's rework survived the trip in the sleigh.