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Introduction   More oscillators!   At some point, for reasons I can't remember now, I tried simulating some simple sinewave oscillators. Here's one of them. This one uses a single transistor to provide the gain and a series of RC elements to provide the phase shift. The original circuit might have been from one of Graf's collections of circuits (I borrowed the Oscillators one from the library last year), though it's a fairly common circuit and you'll find it reproduced elsewhere. Boo ...

The Ramp-O-Tron

Posted by jc2048 Jul 17, 2018
INTRODUCTION   More oscillator odds and ends. These aren't complete projects, just bits of tinkering and trying things out but they may be of interest for all that.   This one started out as playing with the simulator. The circuit itself came from an old applications manual published in the 1970s by Ferranti[1] (they later became Zetex and then a part of Diodes Inc), though the original didn't have the loudspeaker - I added that.   A RAMP GENERATOR   This is a ramp ...


Posted by jc2048 Jul 9, 2018
This is some more experimenting and general 'fiddling around' sparked off by the Project14 Simple Music Maker challenge.   555 timers have been around for a long time. When the UK electronics store chain Maplin went out of business a couple of months ago, amongst the devices that I bought in their closing down sale were some 555s. I was curious to see if I could get a 555 timer producing a reasonable triangle waveform and that's the subject of this blog. It's not a project. It's not a ...