It looks like Dr. Derek Molloy, the author of the very popular Exploring Beaglebone and Exploring Raspberry Pi, is creating a second edition of his Beaglebone book which will include the PocketBeagle as well as the BeagleBone Black Wireless. Dr' Molloy's books are very comprehensive and include a ton of great examples of how to use the BeagleBone but the first edition is a bit dated which is understandable considering speed at which Linux support on the platform has changed.   The new edition will be 20%  larger and cover wireless sensor networks, IoT, MQTT and much more.  The material in his books are used in the course work that Dr. Molloy teaches at the School of Electronics Engineering at Dublin City College so the material has gone through a bit of testing already.


The BeagleBoard folks have provided a link with the announcement as well as Educator Highlight of Dr. Molloy.


I'm certainly looking forward to this update to a classic Maker book.


See the announcement from BeagleBoard.