So, on Dad's day I was surprised by a gift from my daughter that was sitting on the table.  It's was Adam Savage's latest book Every Tool's a Hammer which details his journey as a developing Maker.  For those not familiar with Adam Savage, he was one half of the duo host on the MythBusters series along with Jamie Hyneman as well as the adult (age wise at least) on MythBusters Jr. Adam also supports and shares his builds and workings with others on the Tested website and is one of the trio on the Tested "Still Untitled Podcast" along with Norman Chan and William Smith (no not the blue Gene one). Adam has a long history of building and making stemming from childhood, to working at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) with Star Wars Episode I and II, Galaxy Quest, Flubber and then with the show MythBusters which lasted for 15 years to his current endeavor Savage Builds on the Discovery channel.  He was also a regular at Maker Faire giving the Sunday sermon at the Bay Area one.  I've heard Adam speak of the book on the Tested podcast and have mentioned it to my daughter so it was a pleasant surprise to see it sitting on the table Sunday morning.  I'm sure it will be a good read.



My daughter put the sticky note on the book.