Today we had a snow storm in our area.






Pretty isn't it? Unfortunately it also has to be shoveled off the driveway. While this is not one of my favorite activities to do, it is not the worst side effect of the snow. The worst side effect is that it likes to blanket the satellite dish and turn the TV reception into a  pixelated mess. Most of the time this doesn't set me off too badly but tonight is the 2 hour finale of the new SciFi series "The Expanse" I have been following and I did not want to miss it. Here is the Satellite Dish:




I felt like a cat sitting in a window watching a big delicious bird on a branch just out of reach. The snow covered dish is on the roof 4 meters away and I can't get on the roof. Too slippery and my ladder is too short. I paced, thought, and eventually hit on an idea to hook an 8 foot piece of PVC I had onto the end of the leaf blower. It looks like a monstrosity but it allowed me to reach the area of the dish and begin to clear the snow.




Right now I am just kicking back and watching the show.