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     When I first found this Chinese Ammeter kit I bought it, as at $4.62 and free shipping it was a no brainer.     At +/- 1 mA resolution the specifications were very acceptable to the level of precision that I usually need. I love these inexpensive kits, not only for the low $ that I have invested, but also for the challenge that is introduced by ...

My Muse is Gone

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Sep 13, 2017
For those of you who have known me and followed me over these last 4 years there has been one continuing theme. My Mom with deteriorating symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and me with furtive attempts to use electronics and technology to ameliorate her situation. In addition to countless little twists and hacks to everyday items, we had modified her chair so that it wouldn't over extend, built a pain creme dispenser, designed a power straw to let her drink when she was too weak to draw water up a ...

Disaster Averted

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Aug 31, 2017
About a year ago I installed a Water Mains Shut Off system in my home. I blogged about it at the time and here is a link to the final Blog Post where I included a video:   Over the course of the year I have had two times where the system shut off due to a splash of water in the laundry room getting to the sensor. Both of these times the alarm and shut off ...