As if the nice weather wasn't enough of an incentive to move from my home in Wisconsin, where it is currently 10 degrees F and buried in snow, to sunny California, I recently came across this awesome retro electronics component store in Torrance CA.


After I wandered in and started to poke around time stopped. The seeming appearance of chaos to the untrained eye was to me a well packed compilation of 50 years of electronic parts and tools. Another fascination to me was that no one had been able to take the time to upgrade all the prices to up-to-date levels. The smell of old electronics has its own way of triggering memories of Knight and Heath Kits received years ago for Christmas or Birthdays. I wanted to buy everything and I had the need to buy almost nothing but I did leave with a hand full of 3 foot long colored heat shrink.


I took the time to show some of my non-slip meter probe tips to Abraham, the man in charge.



Abraham immediately saw the benefit and application of the tips and he bought some to show to his patrons. I complimented him on being open minded enough to look at and test out the tips. He said, Hey I do repairs and I work with this stuff so the benefit of these tips is obvious.


I went away happy with my handful of heat shrink and a small sale of my non-slip tips. I will be back soon to do some more exploring in this fascinating one of the last bastions of Electronics Parts Heavens.