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A Palindrome Resistor

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Apr 22, 2018
     OK this is really not worth writing about but it caught my OCD eye. Perhaps it is the electronics equivalent of a four leaf clover. I will have to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow and check out the hypothesis.     I have done my best to make the colors more readable but they are Brown - Orange - Black - Orange - Brown  (130K).   John ...
I was really pleased today when a project that I have been working on for almost two years had a small success. The Non-Slip meter probe adapters have been a product that was developed and cultivated right here on element 14 with the help of my friends.     There would not have been any chance for even a minor success without you. You took my idea seriously and supported me with suggestions by giving me feedback on the utility of the non-slip tips as well as problems with the design ...

Tale of Two Meters

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Apr 12, 2018
Today was a good day as two meters were added to my family of meters. I would not usually write about the addition of a meter or two but the contrast between these two meters is special. Many of you have experienced and appreciate the miraculous development of technology over our relatively short lifetimes. It takes a certain level of understanding and immersion in a technology to really appreciate the change and to truly experience the wonder of the change.   60 years ago I was just begin ...