I was really pleased today when a project that I have been working on for almost two years had a small success. The Non-Slip meter probe adapters have been a product that was developed and cultivated right here on element 14 with the help of my friends.



There would not have been any chance for even a minor success without you. You took my idea seriously and supported me with suggestions by giving me feedback on the utility of the non-slip tips as well as problems with the design. I have been through 4 major prototype iterations. The tips are in the shops and labs of some of the greatest electronic engineers anywhere and I am honored.


A special thanks to genebren who introduced me to his friend Neil who has today added the The Non-Slip Tips to his catalog at Tag-Connect. Tag-Connect will be the exclusive marketer for the Non-Slip Tips. Here is a link to their web page at Tag-Connect.




Actually, once you get to the Tag-Connect web site take a minute to look around. To be honest, Neil has several products that are much neater and more significant than my tips. Please pass the link on to anyone that you think might enjoy using the tips or any of Neil's innovative products.