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A Do Nothing Machine

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Jun 20, 2020
The Thinker Revisited             The Thinker Revisited is an Electronic Sculpture built on an X-Ray Control circuit board. I usually salvage these boards for the parts but since I had already taken a couple of identical boards apart I decided to have some fun and see what would happen if I began to add electronic systems and some little electronic kits to it.               The system ...

World Tour

Posted by jw0752 Top Member Jun 12, 2020
I got the idea for this Blog from jancumps . Since the Covid 19 has kept us from getting out and traveling I thought it might be fun to give you a short tour of my home town Chippewa Falls Wisconsin USA and to invite you to add your own tour of your home town in the comments. I am suggesting that we make it a short tour with six pictures or less. If you can highlight an industry that relates to electronics all the better. Background information and history is always appreciated.   Very c ...