My HP dv9000 fell victim to the known motherboard issue.  It also fell victim to the crummy screen mount clutch.  it has been out of commission for close to a year.  While browsing for Raspberry Pi stuff I came across a lvds driver kit and figured, what the heck, and contacted them to see if they were able to customize the kit for the screen I had.  They were!!!   The kit arrived Friday last week and I did the suggested ground checks before powering it up.  I used my work laptop to send a VGA signal, I will use HDMI when I hook it to the Pi, and things looked great.  I was able to run it at 1440x900 with no issues.  With the kit and the power adapter I'd say that was a $54 investment well spent.  Still sifting through the laptop slowly taking it apart and going to reuse or sell what I can.  Now to figure out what I want to do for an enclosure or portable Pi.  If you have a similar project check out e-qstore on eBay