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I noticed there is a new event combining Microchip's  PICs and click boards from MikroElektronika.…

50 project in 50 days, reminds me of 100 projects in 100 days with PSoc devices (almost 4 years ago).


There is a chance to win some prizes, good luck


In case you've never heard of it, there are still a few days to pick a Humble Book Bundle, stuffed with Arduino and Raspberry Pi books and magazines by Make.


It is a "pay what you want" model (with certain price levels to get all the books) and you decide where the money goes - the publisher, a charity of your choice and/or the Humble Bundle team.


Note 1 : only 5 days remaining.

Note 2: this is not the first (and probably even last) books electronics-related bundle they made.

While browsing for construction ideas, I stumbled upon a construction by guys from MikroElectronika:

So I put out an old metal construction kit I inherited from my father and built a "car" chassis. You can see the result under the original project, in Replications section.


What I like about this construction (I mean the DIY variant, not buying the original kit):

  • easy to build (ca 1 - 2 hours including build the chassis)
  • cheap electronics - ca $10 for the parts, not including power source - my power bank was a giveaway (previously I used 4x NiMH AA battery and a battery holder)
  • cheap chassis - could be made from metal, wood, plastic, maybe even hard paper
  • cheap remote control - I assume almost everyone has a cell phone / tablet with WiFi and HTML5 capable browser
  • easy to expand - remote control software, micro-controller firmware, the hardware - more wheels, sensors, etc.
  • doesn't rely on 3rd party cloud services, registrations, ...


(More images are on the original project page.)


What do you think?