Recently, after having posted a review of the Raspberry Pi 2 here, I was tipped off by mcb1 that his Raspberry Pi 2 looked a little different. A little discussion also had clem57 letting me know of some RAM differences between original RPi boards which got me wondering - what sort of variations of Raspberry Pi 2 are out there?


For research purposes, I collated photographs from different online shops, forums, from my own board, from the board my colleague received, and from Mark and put it all in one post for your enjoyment:


The Raspberry Pi 2: Not all from the UK?


The conclusion reads:

While the Raspberry Pi 2 boards may have cosmetic differences, they should function identically from a user’s perspective. It seems that some parts have alternatives in the BOM, so you might have different combinations of cosmetic differences. For now, it seems, the RAM is something that stays the same now (before, varying between Hynix, Samsung and later Micron).


The bigger (and more interesting question) is why the production itself was done in China, given their earlier resolve to keep as much of it as possible in the UK. We might never know the answer.