I suppose all the car owners out there love the luxury of having a remote keyfob to lock and unlock their cars, but periodically, they need their batteries replaced. Imagine my surprise when my Dad said that "the battery doesn't seem to be replaceable" ... when every remote I had met to date had a socket for some odd-ball A21 12v cell or a lithium coin cell.


Thanks to element14 and their prompt order fulfillment, we were on our way with nothing more needed than a soldering iron, desoldering braid, solder, superglue and an AU$1.18 part. Beats buying a new remote for $88 ... one with an unknown lifetime, but it does give pause to think why they would engineer a product in this way, and whether this inbuilt obsolescence was the right thing to do in the first place.


Full work-log at http://goughlui.com/2016/05/31/repair-teardown-toyota-camry-2000-remote-key-fob/


- Gough