It seems this year must be my lucky year, as element14 have been sending more stuff my way. This time, it wasn't so much of a surprise, as out of practicality, danzima had to ask me about my T-shirt size. However, I still had no idea what sort of T-shirt would arrive. After a while, the whole affair slipped my mind until I was surprised by a notification by e-mail that I'd have a package arriving tomorrow. I didn't even receive a notification when it shipped - so that was a surprise. The package was received on Wednesday this week ...

T-Shirt Satchel

... a bubble-pack satchel with my name on it. Make no mistake, this one's mine!


What's inside? *drumroll*


T-Shirt Tag

A Gildan branded T-shirt, Made in Nicuragua and still folded well despite the long journey. A brand I recognise, especially for custom made products. A neutral grey colour ... no complaints there.

T-Shirt FrontT-Shirt Rear

On the front, we have the element14 community logo. On the rear, we have the award - "RoadTester of the Year 2018". This makes the shirt a one of a kind - the kind that only I'm allowed to wear. I love it. But being on the rear seems a little odd ... I'd like to tell them about my achievements upfront (excuse the pun).


The printing aside, I suspect the T-shirt is a ploy to get some photos of our outstanding achievers on the site in some way. Not wanting to spoil their plans, while also potentially seeing a future as a technological product model (not really), I used my amateurish Photoshop skills to bring you this image of me (and the RTM3004) modelling the shirt.


As a disclaimer, wearing Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZP10 10:1 Oscilloscope Probes as a necklace is not recommended by the manufacturer (the manual probably discourages this), may cause choking if improperly worn and may void the warranty. This feat should only be attempted by a suitably qualified professional. It also makes for a pretty expensive necklace, although it probably does have appeal to those who know their stuff.


All jokes aside, thank you very much element14 - it's a gift I'll treasure for years to come.