Last year has been a pretty interesting year for me, receiving the RoadTester of the Year award from element14 for my Rohde & Schwarz RTM3004 oscilloscope review and also delivering a review of the Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040 power supply. Since then, it’s been extremely busy juggling review after review – but I’m up for the challenge.


It seems like Rohde & Schwarz took some notice of this and asked whether I’d like to give their HMC8043 power supply a try, independent of element14. Leaping at the chance, I said that I would, but only if they would agree to the “review challenge” terms. They graciously accepted, and thanks to their representatives in Germany and Australia, I am proud to be able to present my comprehensive review of the Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043 100W triple-rail programmable DC benchtop power supply.



For all the sections of the review, please see the following links: