I seem to be having a lot of luck with Rohde & Schwarz lately, as a RoadTester of their RTM3004 oscilloscope, I was awarded RoadTester of the Year. I also RoadTested their HMP4040 power supply, which led to an opportunity to review their HMC8043 power supply. It hasn’t been even a month since the latest review, but I’m back with more exciting Rohde & Schwarz news!


Today (20th August 2019) marks the official launch of Rohde & Schwarz’s latest specialty power supply product, the NGM-series including the single-channel NGM201 and dual-channel NGM202. This is a two-quadrant programmable DC power supply suitable for bench-top and rack-mount use, being a more featureful version of the NGL-series power supplies launched earlier in late-January. Such power supplies have appeal to users working with DC-to-DC converters, battery operated devices or evaluating rechargeable batteries thanks to its ability to both source and sink current on the same channel with variable internal impedance. It would also appeal to users who need to profile the power consumption of microcontrollers and radios which transition rapidly between different operational modes or have very low consumption in certain modes thanks to its fast transient-response performance (<30µs to within 20mV), fine 6.5-digit metering resolution and fast data-logging capabilities up to 500kS/s. This is just scratching the surface.


Thanks to Rohde & Schwarz, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been sent an NGM202 one-and-a-half months prior to its official launch to put it through a barrage of tests and report my findings. Find out about what Rohde & Schwarz’s latest offering is capable of and how it performs under my barrage of testing in this first-look review.

Read the full review including the in-depth chapters at my blog site, linked below:



I guess I should get back to RoadTesting ...