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Power Calculations

Posted by mcb1 Top Member Sep 17, 2017
After a few years of pause, I decided it's time to return to making this work. (I actually wrote this back in April, and other things took over)     The previous blogs detail the plan (and any variations) Pi Webcam Pi camera update RPi to controller interaction Camera Location and Mounting Mounting considerations and revision Mounting 2   This blog will be detailing my ideas for controlling the Remote RPi and shutting it down to conserve power.   Power There is no ...

What went wrong

Posted by mcb1 Top Member Sep 14, 2017
My electronics skills get called upon for all sorts of things.   What Some years ago a close friend asked if I could help with some LED tailights he was fitting to his Hotrod. He had purchased some american made units that had allowed for tail, brake and Indicators, but he was going to have two on each side. They were rectangular and had one section for Indicators, and hence it only partially illuminated and looked strange.   The question that came my way was there a way to make t ...
Some time ago jw0752 made contact with me and wanted to send me some of his meter probes. He's been keeping the community up to date as he makes changes to the original concept. Shop Tips -  Intrusive Meter Probe     For anyone that hasn't followed John's work, his background is in dentistry equipment repair, and this has been the source of his inspiration for this product. John Wiltrout's Blog   As the blogs testify, John is very practical and has applied this to solvin ...