There were a couple of posts by shabaz and dougw about their posts during 2017.

My 2017 Projects/Activities

2017 Summary of element14 Activity

I was thinking at the time that it was a large list and far more than I had achieved.


2017 has been a mixed year for me.

We have been dealing with the aftermath of our motor vehicle accident (June 2016), and the fallout from that.

This has had a significant impact on my time and resources, and we've tried to compensate by undertaking more events, that we may have otherwise skipped.



However as the New Year rolled over, and I reflected on 2017 as it affected me, I became tempted to look at the content.


Despite some personal items that took some quite a bit of my resources, I was surprised when I had a look at my blogs

For those not aware, I have also been writing for TheShed magazine which publishes bi-monthly and these articles consume quite a bit of time.



I was hesitant to post this, but if nothing else it shows what you have done.

If you add in all the other things in your life, you start to appreciate that you haven't just spent time in front of a computer.

You have learnt, shared and contributed to the element14 community.




So here is my list, nowhere near the volume of some others, but  :-


De Soldering


Electronic Upcycling Challenge

I was asked ot be a judge and provide some posts to motivate participants.

As you can see there was more than 5 minutes spent coming up to speed with the Intel Edison (which is discontinued ... seems a waste)


What is Electronic Up-Cycling

Electronic Upcycling ideas

Design Challenge Blogs

First Steps - Intel Edison

First Steps - Intel Edison step 2

First Steps - Intel Edison step 3

First Steps - Intel Edison step 4

First Steps - Intel Edison step 5

First Steps - Intel Edison Arduino

First Steps - Intel Edison Arduino 2

First Steps - Intel Edison Arduino Libraries

First Steps - Intel Edison Repair

First Steps - Intel Edison Base Boards

Second Steps - Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board

Second Steps - DF Robot IO Expansion for Intel Edison

Why Challengers Must Post - Upcycle it - Progress Week 3

Upcycleit Design Challenge


This discussion also shows the Power Supply article that was inspired by jw0752 's posts.



Misc or continuation of projects

Meter Lead - JW special probes


What went wrong


Power Calculations


ATTiny Fuse Resetter


Jumper Cables


Microchip CAN Bus Analyser Tool - Review


Beer Tap


Rear View Camera ver 2.0



My latest posts are about coming to terms with ESP32, and I'm sure at some point it will become more application and less learning.