Wheelchair Monitor


The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to reach 95 million by 2060*, bring the percentage of this age group in the total population to approximately 23%.  An increasing number of older adults wanting to live independently will require the means for medical professionals and family members to remotely monitor their situation without intruding on their privacy.


This project will monitor a wheelchair, utilizing sensors, tracking the status (Physical Security) of the individual. 


Initial Concept Ideas:


  1. Sense acceleration to know they are active during the day.
  2. Sense presence in the wheelchair (possible alert if they leave the chair)
  3. Button and/or voice-activated sensor to call for assistance.
  4. Temperature/Humidity monitoring


Stretch Ideas:

  1. Scale for weight monitoring
  2. Buzzer for notification/reminder of events (i.e. taking medication)
  3. Medical sensor, such as heart rate
  4. Utilize MQTT to interact with other devices


Products under consideration:

  1. Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 (https://www.avnet.com/shop/us/products/avid-technologies/aes-ms-mt3620-sk-g-3074457345636825680/)
  2. Mikroe Load Cell Click (https://www.mikroe.com/load-cell-click)
  3. Mikroe Buzz 2 click (https://www.mikroe.com/buzz-2-click)
  4. Mikroe Heart Rate click (https://www.mikroe.com/heart-rate-click)
  5. Weight-Sensing Pad (https://www.hopkinsmedicalproducts.com)
  6. Corded Pressure Sensor Pad (https://www.alimed.com)


* Fact Sheet: Aging in the United States (https://www.prb.org/aging-unitedstates-fact-sheet/ )