My Rocketfish RF-WS02 Digital Wireless Speaker uses a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless communication system to transmit low-latency, high fidelity audio from an audio source to the speaker.  Which worked great at first, but has developed an annoying issue of dropping the 2.4GHz signal sporadically (recovers after a few seconds).  I could use a different Bluetooth speaker that would be smaller and likely cost less, but would miss the fun of extending the life of a useful product. 


I tried to identify any interference that could be causing the problem; as  koudelad suggested in his comment, maybe my new wireless mouse is the root of the problem.


Additional note:  The buttons are beginning to exhibit what some would call rubber rot (sticky texture when touched), so I also plan to replace the buttons (on/off, bass boast, three position switch for Left-Mono-Right,and volume control)


Rocketfish RF-WS02 wireless speaker




Held together by Philip head screws, start at the bottom and move towards the top.

This card appears to be both amp and logic board, the wireless card is on the other side connected by a micro ribbon cable (30 pins).  Searched the internet for board/schematic information but did not find anything.


2.4 GHz receiver technology from 2008 (AVM07212-02-ACPA)


Product Features:

  • Wireless Transmitter uses stereo RCA connectivity (this might we worth converting to bluetooth receiver or transmitter, project #2).
  • Delivers 20W RMS of clear, quality sound using a built-in Class D amplifier.
  • .
  • For customizable sound.
  • using 8 C batteries (can use rechargeable).
  • Weight: 5.51 lbs (rather large)



  • Evaluate the current product construction for reuse of existing components (i.e. amp, bass boast, speaker L-MONO-R switch, etc.)
  • Determine necessary power requirement for replacement components (currently 15v DC)
  • Determine if speakers are 4 or 8 Ohm (discovered the bass speaker is 3 Ohm)
  • Alternate components to consider
    • small amp board
    • step-down power supply Voltage Regulated (15v to 5v)


My initial plan was to open it up and remove the 2.4GHz receiver and replace it with the Bluetooth Audio Receiver board Bluetooth 4.1 mp3 lossless decoder board.  If life could only be that simple.  Now I'm looking for a cheap amp with crossover for the tweeter.  For most of us, projects like this are about learning and not necessarily the least expense finished product. Given what I know now, it would be cheaper to go purchase a new bluetooth enabled speaker.


 Bluetooth Receiver



Parameters characteristics

Power Supply










Support Profile






Bluetooth with AMP

Bluetooth Receiver with Amp


crossover for the tweeter


Realized I will need to address the stereo to mono on this project.