1. Introduction

     Hi! I'm writing this blog to be used as a summary of all of the projects I've done until now, which I have written about on element14.com. There isn't too much for now, but I will be updating this blog as time goes on and I post about my new projects. I will write only shorts summaries here with links to all of the blogs about that project attached. I will divided into 2 categories, the ones that worked and the ones that didn't turn out as I planned. Hope you enjoy some of the projects!



2. Finished Projects

     Here is the list of the projects I have finished until now, I will be updating this list as time goes on with many more of them I hope!


1. The Smart Room Project

     I love being able to control stuff in my room using only my phone, this is always an ongoing project which will change over time, with new things added and maybe some things taken out if they just didn't perform that well. For home automation the key things I am looking at is that I can control who has control over the stuff in the house, and that it's a simple and robust system which can work without a constant need for fixing something.


The Smart Room Project - Current Phase

     This is the first phase of automation that I did my room, the idea was to establish the most basic control where I can turn off and on the lights using a small IR remote or using an Android app that I made, controlling the movement of blinds as well as leaving spare room to add other things to control like smart outlets, appliances and so on. Here is how the main box looks as well as 2 short videos that demonstrate how everything functions. All of the code I've written as well as how I made and wired up everything can be found here: The Smart Room Project - Current Phase




2. Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1

    This project was a pair of smart gloves I've made so I can easily change songs, answer calls and adjust the volume. The idea is to use gestures with one glove over the other to perform the mentioned functions. To do this I made a small board with a matrix of hall effect sensors and put a tiny magnet into the finger of the other glove. My idea was to swipe with one glove over the other and make intuitive gestures for controlling the media on the phone, swiping up and down to control the volume, swiping left and right to change songs. To communicate with the phone and do all of this, On the side of the gloves, I used an Arduino Nano with a HC05 Bluetooth module, and made a small app in Android Studio which emulated the media key found on wired earphones when a gesture was recognized, here are pictures of the project as well as a video. If you are interested in more details, visit the blog where I went step by step over all of the things I've done: Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1





3. Captain S.L.O.W.

     For this project, I wanted to make an Arduino based robot, with an interesting propulsion design. The robot propulsion I had my eyes on was the robot Rhex from Boston Dynamics. It's a small six legged robot that was designed to navigate any terrain using it's crescent shaped legs. I loved watching the videos of how the Rhex moved, so I wanted to try making my own version. Mine would be based on an Arduino Mega 2560 and 6 small continuous servos. I love how the robot turned out in the end, all that was left was to play around with software for the robot, but unfortunately at the time, I fried a voltage regulator so I never really got this robot to where I wanted it, but it is something I am still keeping in my room that I will be revisiting when I finally find some free time to tinker with it. Before the regulator died I managed to run a few tests, here are some pictures and videos. If you are interested in the details on how I made this robot and everything about it, here is the link to my blog: Captain S.L.O.W. (Rhex inspired)






     This is a fun holiday themed project, during the holiday season, we all like sitting around the house and eating a lot of delicious food, which in the long run isn't the best thing. So I made a fun little project called Cookie Jar. The idea of the project is that we have a giant cookie jar, filled up with all sorts of sweets, but, it has a mechanism that looks it, which unlocks only if you have achieved a certain number of steps during the day. To do that, I came up with a small mechanism made out of wood and metal which is run by a servo and controlled by an Arduino which communicates over ThingSpeak with a simple step counting app I made. For a step by step guide on how I did all of that, here is the link to the blog for the project: Project Cookie Jar







5. Ski Lamp

     For this project I decided to make something that will live on the wall of my room, a ski lamp. I love skiing and I wanted to display my skis on the wall, but didn't want to do it by just hanging them there, so, instead of that, I cut out of wood a mountain shape, glued some planks to the back of it, ran a RGB LED strip around the back and made my own ESP8266 based RGB controller which can be controlled either using an IR remote or by using an Android app that I made with Blynk. Here are all of the details of the project: Ski Lamp





6. Fingerprint Skeleton Key

     In this project I developed a crude prototype of a device with the aim of helping old people when it comes to finding a key on a key ring, or just help someone who has a key ring with a lot of keys, my idea was to make a device which would recognize the door and based on the door pick the key for that door. To do recognize a door my idea was to attach small RFID tags on or near the door to which we can just hold up our device for it to pick out the key. I made a small mechanism with a servo which would move and choose the key. Another thing I did, with the idea of adding a safety feature to it, was to add a capacitive fingerprint sensor, in other words, the device wouldn't pick any keys unless it recognizes a fingerprint first. Here is my summary blog of the project with all of the details on all of the electronics and code: Fingerprint Skeleton Key - First working prototype - Design for a Cause Challenge - Blog Post #10






7. S.H.E.L.F.

     This here is the first project I ever posted on element14 as part of the PiChef Design Challenge. I also revisited the project after some time and made a second version using a different approach. Here are both of the attempts:


First Attempt

     In the first attempt I used a Raspberry Pi 3 with OpenCV. My idea was to have a shelf which was resting on 2 load cells which measured the weight and having an overhead camera which would scan for the items we place on the shelf. To recognize the items I designed labels which were easily read by a small Python script I wrote. After the weight was measured and the item recognized, the Raspberry would upload the data to a specific channel on ThingSpeak depending on the item. Here are all the details for my first attempt: S.H.E.L.F. - Pi Chef Design Challenge


Second Attempt

     In the second attempt instead of going with computer vision, I went with RFID stickers and a small RFID reader in the front. The project would be based on an Arduino Mega 2560 and an ESP8266-07. The user (or manufacturer) would attach a cheap RFID tag to the product, and the user would just have to go near the scanner with the item as he is placing the item on the shelf. I used the same shelf as I did for the first attempt, with the same load cells. Another thing I changed was, instead of just using an app from Google Play I made my own Android App, where you could configure the names of the different channels (items). The link to the full blog is here: S.H.E.L.F. V2




3. Abandoned Projects

     And here we come to my abandoned projects, these are the projects I haven't finished for now. To some I will almost 100% return and make them or some variant, like the medication monitor, but when it comes to some others I just don't know if I will, I won't go into any details as to why I stopped, but the main factor was usually time, since a lot of these projects for different competitions, and stuff like university just have a bigger priority, so here are some of my undone projects, hopefully I will finish most of them as time goes.


1. Project BEEP

     In this project I wanted to develop a learning toy for kids, the idea was to have separate plug & play modules and for the system to be designed to get kids excited around electronics, robots and so on. The idea was to have smart sensors, for example, having a head with ultrasonic range sensors, and its ears lighting up when it gets to close to a barrier and so on. I had fun developing this project but am sad that I didn't manage to finish it. Here are some pictures and videos as well as links to the blogs regarding this project:


  1. Project BEEP - Introduction - Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge - Blog Post #1
  2. Project BEEP - Ultrasonic Module - Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge - Blog Post #2
  3. Project BEEP - Light Head Module - Part 1 - Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge - Blog Post #3
  4. Project BEEP - Bluetooth - Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge - Blog Post #4







2. Medication Monitor

     This is one project I will be revisiting in one way or another for sure. The goal for this project was to make some kind of device which would track if my grandma has taken her medication correctly. I had a couple of different ideas on how to do this, but settled on upcycling an old table lamp I have with a Raspberry Pi camera which would look down on the medication box and check if the medication was taken. I wanted to make something which wouldn't change anything from my grandma, the only thing she would have to do was to keep the box in one place when she is at home. I could then preload the schedule on the device for the medication and use the lamp as the signal for her as well if she ever forgets medication and also the device would send an alert to me and my parents if something like that happens. Here is the blog I started as well as some pictures of the first stage of the project: Medication Monitor - Part 1





4. Summary

     I love this site for so many reasons. Before this, I never had anywhere to post and write about my projects and it's also such a large database of amazing projects and people where I can really find out about anything electronics related. I also love all of the competitions held here, because it gives me a theme, something to work towards, with a time goal, which is important, because most projects without a time goal can get easily forgotten because of new things coming around. As of writing this blog, I am at 7 completed projects, hopefully there will be much more, I'll be updating it as time goes on. I hope some of my projects were interesting to you, or useful in a way to help out with your own projects. Thanks for reading the blog, hope you like it!