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Fun with Gobetwino

Posted by neilk Apr 18, 2012
I have spent some time experimenting with Mikael Morup's Gobetwino package.   Everything I have tried seems to work, eventually. The whole process of communicating, via Gobetwino, between the Arduino and the PC is very time sensitive. Delays in the Arduino code are often necessary to let things happen properly.   The most difficult command to get working was the T command, to get a Timestamp from the PC. I finally solved it with a delay inserted into my Arduino Sketch.   I atta ...

Getting Started

Posted by neilk Apr 7, 2012
I finally ran power out to my greenhouse last autumn, having lost a load of plants in the previous, exceptionally cold winter. I started thinking about heating and a suitable control system.   At about the same time I saw a reference to the Arduino project in a technical mag. I followed the links, downloaded the software & started looking at things. My programming expertise is/was in ALGOL, FORTRAN, various Assemblers and MUMPS (or M). I stopped programming before I got anywhere near C ...