Project Details:

I am using this board to make a health tracker which will record the daily physical activities fitted into the shoes and will sync the data to smartphone or server for analytics. That can again be extended by pairing with smartphone to so that any accidents with the person can be detected.



     I have over here tried to show the progresses that I have made till now.

1. Unboxing and First View :



2. Setting up mbed offline compiler to run c/C++ code on microbit..


This is around  programming the microbit using mbed C/C++ IDE but for this i have used Yotta command line tool provided by mbed for building the code. This let's you explore many features of the microbit which otherwise are not accessible like bluetooth.


3. Transfering small footprint data from/to BBC:microbit using BLE interface (MBED C/C++)

This video is all about sending and receiving data between BBC Microbit and any BLE enabled smart phone. Over here I have used C/C++ (MBED) as the programming language as other language (Python/JavaScript) don't support UART data transfer service.