Gees, Last month I sent in an entry to the "Why is it Great to be an Engineer?" So I entered the old tale of the conversation that God and the Devil had one day, and it goes like this, to my recollection:


One day God called up the Devil, and asked what was going on down there?

The Devil replied: "We got this engineer and he put in central air, flush toilets, and elevators".

And then God said: "And just where did you get this engineer?"

The Devil replied promptly:"In the last shipment of course."

God then said: "It was a mistake send him back right away."

The Devil said after a minute: "Nah, we like him down here, he is going to stay!"

God then retorted: "Send him back or I'll sue!"

The the Devil retorted: "And just where are you going to get a lawyer?!"


Would you beleave I got this email the other day:


Cristina Harrison,


You’re one of the winners of our “Why is it Great to be an Engineer?” blogging contest!  You’ve won a Microchip chipKIT EDU Bundle! Would you mind if we post your user-name on our Element14 Community?  And, would you please share a shipping address with us so we can send you your prize?  Send your contact information to: Thank-you!

Ken Kaminski, Marketing Manager
Newark element14




Cris H.



UPDATE 17Apr13 I just got the dev kit! Now I just have to find something to use it for! CAH