Oh well this is one of those things that has been sitting around doing nothing... And all I need to do is build yet another cable.. It was a prototype made by  Precision Display Technologies. Their part number is MPCDX-PROTO, which is for the F/A-18C/D.


Fig 1. F/A-18C/D MPCD prototype

The Analysis:  Well it looks like I need a VGA cable to go to a component input.. So what signals are in a VGA cable?  So a quick look and I found this picture (Fig 2). So I need a cable that will start as VGA cable and end up with 4 BNC connectors RGB+Sync.

Fig 2. Rear


The Plan:  Well getting a VGA Cable is a no-brainer there all over the place.. Next we need the other end. As I have lots of Sun Microsystems Cables, one of them is a DB13W3 to BNC cable.  So now all I have to do is cut the cables in half and put them back right? Sounds good.. The Bezel Control I/O will have to wait for another day.


Fig 3 VGA Pinout


VGA Pin and ColorVGA WireDB13W3 Wire
Table 1. VGA Connector




LATER:  Ok So I wired it up as per the above table and got this: (Fig 4)

  I have to download there software to adjust the CRT its all done with software...

Fig 4. Working monitor needing adjustment




MUCH LATER: Oh well my cable did not work right and the display would not lock vertically. During  a call  today  with John, at Precision Display Technologies,  he suggested that I need to use both syncs. As this unit will use three types of syncs:

  1. syncs(2) on green,
  2. combined syncs,
  3. separate syncs.


VGA Pin and ColorVGA CablePS3 Cable
13H SyncREDRed/Blk
14V SyncGRAYBlue/Blk
Table 2. VGA to 4 BNC Cable
Salvaged from a PS3 Game Cable
Fig 8. PS2/3 Psyclone 12 foot video Cable

So a quick jumper between the Gray sync wire and the VSync confirmed this. Table 1 is out and Table 2 is in.  It looks like I will need CABLE v2. So the DB13W3 is out as it only has 4 BNC connectors and I need 5;  RBG + 2 syncs. I remembered that I just picked up a PS3 Component Video Cable( Figure 8 )... It sounds like I have my new sacrifice!!

Ok all ended well that is well and it all works..


Fig 5. Working monitor
I have to adjust the resolution..


Fig 6. The new cable thats shorted...





LATER: FEB 18, 2014  well here is the new cable, you will notice there is a DVI - VGA at the end of the cable. GROAN: Do you see whats wrong?? yup the ends are RCA-Phono not BNC connectors.... Looks like I need some adapters (see Fig 7)..


A Few Days Later:  It looks like there was a whisker shorting out the Blue.. GROAN: Ok the fix is painful. I have to cut down the shrink wrap and then the electrical tape and two layers of shrink wrap over the Blue it self.


LATER: AUG 31, 2014 Well I had some problems at Cockpit Fest with the Cable as you guessed I never fixed the *** Cable, so its time to do something about it..  I really want this to be pro. so I just cut the cable in half time to start over and just do it right.


Fig 7.
RCA-Phono - BNC Adapter


Keep tuned in more to come

~ Cris

  BTW: The tools that I used to figure out this mess was a DVM to ring out the VGA cable and my old Tektronix 475A Oscilloscope to get the syncs right..


8 Sept 2014 - Re-added back lost photos..