You had that pile of transistors and you didn't know if they worked? Well I know I have... So today while rummaging around

Before we started
Image 1

in my local pawn shop I spoted this old tester in one of the stores bins. I was labled in Spanish no less.  It was marked $14.95, but I got it for 5 bucks.. When I opened it up, I found out was rather crude, and nothing to write home about.



The Guts No Blood yet

Image 2

The Schematic
Image 3


THE PLAN: I would like to have a more modern device.. maybe even with a USB interface to my laptop. I know this may seem a little grandiose. But what the hey. I could even have a Arduino buried in there as well.. And besides I know I can't get that battery any more! I would also like to test other types of devices.

Keep Tuned In, More To Come

Cris ~~

Hey here is a block diagram of the Plan!!

Block Diagram of tester
Image 4

The neat part of this tester is that I can test  unknown and unlabelled parts. The test leads can be put on any leads, so there is no wrong way to test or install a part. The I2C Bus is connected to a Arduino Mega which will do the lifting. .