Function Generator
Image 1

This is one of those things that just comes along. It is a B&K Precision 3010 Function Generator, it was 5 bucks at the local Goodwill. It did not have a power cord set and I'm never going to find one (image 2).


Power Plug not NEMA

Image 2


Hack #1

Image 3


Hack #2

Image 4

This connector is not the standard oval, its smaller. Over time I have seen some terrible hacks, good ol' Southern Engineering, Rigging, etc (please see images 3 and 4). But I'm getting that cart before the horse again.. So I guess I will have to power this up with my suicide cord set. After soldering a chassis power connector, and then plugging it in. It's Alive!!

The images below were taken with my Tektronix 475A Oscilloscope

TTL Output

Image 5

Square Wave

Image 6

Sine Wave

Image 7

Triangle Wave

Image 8












Now I will have to find a power connector.


  Stay Tuned In, More to Come

  ~~ Cris

  B&K 3010 Function Generator - User Guide

  B&K 3010 Function Generator - Schematics


UPDATE 7/29/2105: I just had one of my computers die on me. It's power supply died. I normally toss the case and keep the wire with the connectors on them (good for hook-up wire). Well, you know the saying: my software had a bug in it. They say: "that we are doomed to repeat history"; it's kind of what happened to me.  As I was pulling the dead power supply for is parts and the donation of its power cord connector. It seems that the reason that my power supply died was because of the BUG.

This Power Supply Died From a Bug

image 9

Bigger Bug

Image 10

Donor Power Supply Plug

Image 11