What have I done? It seems that I have created a monster.

Originally, when I started with this undertaking, I made first of several statements, and they are worth repeating.http://www.phoenixcomm.net/~phnx2000/sim/software.shtml

  • No KeyBoard encoders.
  • Must use standard equipment protocols. AIRINC-410, ARINC-429, MIL-1553, etc.
  • Must be able to support x-number of crew stations. ie. P51, 747, L1011, B-52, Starship Enterprise, or naval craft's: CICS bridge, etc.

If you wish to read my diatribe, please go here: to my first website for my aircraft Phoenix2000. BTW 2000 was the year I was going to start ground testing and the name Phoenix is not taken from mythology, but an omage to the film with Jimmy Stuart "Flight of the Phoenix". The re-make was terrible! That plane was real N93082 piloted by Paul Mantz who died when the aircraft crashed. 


Well that it for now.

Stay Tuned In,

~~ Cris




Box / Name
FunctionalityCommunication BusNotes
1. Model

Runs 100 frames/sec, Calculates Velocities, Acceleration, Distance, Time, Knows where we are. tells everybody.

Master Frame, once/sec

Sub Frames broadcasts  Velocities, Acceleration, Distance, Time, Lat, Lon, Alt, Speed, et

  • Navbus: ip
  • FLbus (listens)

Runs: HSI, VSI, RMI; Monitors all Radios. Controls Radio Audio and mixing as well.

Generates Slant-Range info for Radios, DME, etc.

Generates Mose Code for localizers, Handels FAAdb.

Runs as the master for EADIN Lite network (code from NASA tech-brief.)

  • Navbus: ip
  • EADIN Lite B1
  • internet
  • Navbus
4. Gen-IOPRuns other panels, switches, etc. Also handles Flight Controls, Throttles, Fule Burn Rates
  • FLbus
  • EADIN Lite B2
5. GE-MasterWorldviews etc are will be generated via Google Liquid Earth.
  • Navbus: ip
  • Gbus:
  • Internet
x. GE-Slavestakes in information via GE-Master and then projects it.
  • Gbus