I was going to use my Suncom F-18 Tallon Joystick but I had an F-18 Joystick from High Rev Simulations. They over-built stuff, now DOA, but Bugeye Technologies can help you. The switches are all Military quality made by Otto Controls. The Joystick base has a Hall Effect sensors for Roll and Pitch axises.



Pin Name*

22AAS_PBAuto Acquisition Switch: Pull Back
23AAS_PFAuto Acquisition Switch: Push Forward
24ASS_selAuto Acquisition Switch: Push Down
25WRB_selWeapon Release Button: Push Down

Castle Switch: Push Down

27CS_TDCastle Switch: Tip-Down
28CS_TUCastle Switch: Tip-Up
29CS_TRCastle Switch: Tip-Right
30CS_TLCastle Switch: Tip-Left
31NWS_selNosewheel Steering Button: Push
32TRMS_PFTrim Switch:  Tip-Front
33TRMS_PRTrim Switch: Tip-Rear
34TRMS_YRTrim Switch: Tip-Right
35TRMS_YLTrim Switch: Tip-Left
36TRMS_selTrim Switch: Push Down
37PDLS_selPaddle Switch:
38GUN_selGun Trigger:
39RECS_selRECCE Switch
BLACKHES.1:  Ground
BLACKHES.2:  Ground
REDHES.3:  Vdd (+5vdc)
HES.6:  "R"
HES.7: "B"

  The Plan:

Well, the first thing I have to do is take it apart so I can determine the pin-outs. It's time to poke around with my DVM. First thing is to find  Ground. I need a reference for the switch www.f-15e.info has all of the info and more. It seems that the joystick IDE interface has problems, So I'm going to do a rewire of sorts that is just replace the internal wiring and connectors with a round Floppy IDE cable that has a plastic cover over a shield and it has very tiny wires.


The columns Pin and Pin Name refer to an Arduino Mega 256, the Pin Name is my Symbolic name used in my Program.


Wiring should be straightforward I just need 2 male 34pin  headers (Wire-Wrap). A small PCB. The pin is offset by 1 space so Pin #1 of the cable is P22 on the Arduino.

There is one other thing to deal with, its the Hall Effect Sensor Plate, for the X and Y Axises This requires a separate connector a MOLEX 7-Pin 2.54mm Female Locking Connector.

In the photo (lower left) you can see the plate with the Hall Effect Sensor plate and the tube which the stick is mounted to. I will peel off seven wires from the bundle.



1Changed F-15 to F-1815JAN2018
2Changed pin 39 Definition to RECCE Switch.15JAN2018


    Stay Tuned More to Come
  ~ Cris