I'm sorry for this post at this time there is no rime or reason for it but I just got a Cessna 402 fuse panel, cheap or about 50 cents a breaker. So I'm going to regress just a little.

First, all good simulators need fuse panels. Having said that, they may be there maybe not, mostly for dress or doing the work. But a simulator is also for training pilots right? So how in the world do you simulate a failure? And what is the pilot's response? Think about it (none or by some keyboard input).


  1. Buy Klixon BIG BUCKS!
  2. Buy a custom simulated breaker from XYZ. AINT CHEAP!
  3. DO IT YOUR SELF, me I'm really cheap I like this idea so how do we do this??

Now my breakers are real 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 AMPS that's a bunch of current.  So one way to do this was to use an SCR mounted down to a chunk of Aluminum. So here are my solutions:

The circuit on the right should work if I'm right.

  • When the Circuit Breaker is on or in, the power goes to the equipment and then nothing will go to ground as the SCR is OFF.
  • When the Circuit Breaker is off or out, there is no power anyway.
  • When you want to Blow the Circuit Breaker, you would apply a small voltage to the trigger line and you will turn on the SCR, and the equipment line will go to ground and Blow The Circuit Breaker.
  • Remember that you must maintain the trigger voltage or the SCR will reset.
  1. HACKThe circuit breaker must be opened and well fixed (now it will blow just with a few volts.. (to be tested).


Stay Tuned More to Come,

~~ Cris



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