This is a necessary evil of any lab, workshop. I have needed one for quite awhile. When I moved from New Jersey to in 1979 I left my floor unit with my bother. Imported yes, but well done, and morse taper removable chuck. So the other day Harbor Freight was having a Black something Sale and with the coupons and what not I pick this one up for about 40 bucks.

Major Components

  1. Drill motor unit

  2. Drill Plate

  3. Base

  4. Column

I did not really expect much. I opened the box, nothing missing. (that's a good sign). First problem: They give you 3 bolts, washers, and split washers to hold the column to the base. This was a good time to try out Loctite # 243 medium strength goo. But PROBLEMS:

  1. there are 3 tapped holes in the drill base. You Will Need a thread, Chase.
  2. The lamp is a POS that's right pure crap. It will have to go and  LED one should replace it.

Other than that hiccup it when together very nicely. While getting ready to put the cuck in place. I found out that the chuck has a tapper (JT33) and just presses on.


I will have to get a dial indicator to see the run-out. But it seems to be fairly accurate, and I can not see any substantial run-out.

You will notice that I still have the protective plastic bags over the parts.  (Did you ever cut plastics?)


Wish List:

  • Rack Lift for Drill Plate!
  • See problem #2!


~~ Cris H.


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1. (May 3, 2018) Could use an "X & Y" table, controlled by an Arduino, and web interface could even use G-Code. As drilling 5 holes for instrument mounts is a pain - in - duh - ass! No Boo Boos!!