This is a really nice find at my local pawn shop. I uncovered this jewel in the Dollar box.  It was sticking badly. It really needed a good cleaning. It was a Starrett model 436-1.  I retracted the spindle into the sleeve and then removing it. by continuingly rotating the thimble counter-clockwise. This took a few tries but finally separated it.  I used a lightweight oil and a new Scotch-Brite® Stainless Steel Scrubbing Pad to clean the spindle. I had to repeatably fully insert and remove the spindle from the barrel. You could use a piece of printer paper with lightweight oil to then polish the spindle.

Spindle & SleeveBurn Mark on SpindleFins -- Good Enough

The micrometer now runs in and out smoothly. It is off .001" but I need a special wrench to set it back to 0.000". The micrometer is missing the ratchet stop (it's jammed), and the spindle lock nut is non-functional at the moment.



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