I just salvaged this little jewel from an Aiwa AV-X120 Stereo Receiver, that sorta got crushed.  The receiver I had found at the Goodwill for 5 bucks. What I wanted were the transformer and monolithic power amplifiers. Along the way, the volume control got tossed in the to-be-saved tub. Now a few months later,  I uncovered it again and the light went on.  Now I need to do my homework before I can use this in NexGen's RSS-IOP audio controls (it will be buried in one of the boxes).  This has 4 audio channels. It has 2 ICs on the PCB MVR501.

  1. BA384LF Preset Equalizer Sound Control (this one is neat!)
  2. NJM4558 Dual Operational Amplifier

Also, they used two (2) transistors (CSD655, 2SA952) per side to drive the motor's H-bridge. This could be replaced by an H-Bridge Sheild.


image 1
Motorized Potentiometer
image 1
Potentiometer Pin Outs
image 3
Sideview Demenssions
image 4
Specifications p1
image  5
Specifications p2
image  6
X-Ray rear
image  7
Control PCB Schematic
image  8
Motor H-Bridge Driver Schematic


Cris H.


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