Dang. I can find my go to WireWrap gun, a Gardner Denver 27100AB2.  So I know somewhere I had a few laying around (things you NEVER get rid of!). So after digging in my warehouse for a while I found three semi-dead guns and one with a bit and sleeve. I did not like the cable as it was badly frayed and the index was not working. So here what to do ( See the pretty pictures below; as I know you all like them ):

  1. Find and remove 6 Allen cap screws.
  2. Remove upper case and look around
  3. An aha moment. Missing return/index spring. Good thing about donors .
    • It turns out that the spring is just a little short but I can fix it for now. And get the right spring next month after Cockpit Fest at the end of the month. In the picture you see the donor return spring. About 1/4" too short. So in my plastic spacers bin, I found the black and red spacers which I pick upped them at trade shows. Freebies! Damn that spring sprung and now I have no idea where it is.
    • Donor #2 has a return spring and it works it is a smaller diameter but its ok (I guess I will have to use it till the other turns up.
  4. Now un-clip the power cord from the switch and white wire. & install new power cord.
  5. It turns out that the white wire is just a little short. so I have to add a cheater to it. A donor gun has just what I need. I just got a surprise the damn donor wire is Teflon insulated and my strippers demolished it. So I have to get out the thermal stripper, and go with plan A. and inset a cheater.


HOLD THE PRESS!! Just found the go-to gun!! whoopie!! now to go to work will finish this after the first.


Pretty Pictures

Step 1.Step 2.Step 3.
Step 3aStep 3bStep 4