Well, here I am with another power supply. This time it is a venerable Lambda brick.

ModelLM B-15
Serial NumberD27233
Voltage Output15vdc +/- 5%
Output Current80watts.

I got this beast a  garage sale and for only 12 bucks now let us hope its really not just a brick. So the first thing I did was attack it with my tools, pulled it apart and gave it a good brushing to get rid of the dirt, webs, and just crud. I have included some pretty snaps, and I know how you love to see the inside of this stuff,  to show you why this stuff is unstoppable. I found this power supply listed in a Lambda catalog from 1974.


Bottom Circuit Card

figure 1

Rear Panel

figure 2

Heavy Duty Transistor FBN 36485


figure 3

Next item is too put some wires with power on it and see if this 'brick' works.

Later 14.94vdc output (like a rock no drift)