This panel was used on McDonnell Douglas DC-9. It was placed on the Upper left-hand side of the Forward Control Pedestal. If you wish to see it click here. Then click on the picture and it is item 1 in the photo.

Lucky the analysis will be very quick, as the schematic is on the units bottom plate. So the Analysis: Panel inner and outer control are both 10 position rotary switches. The Red Control is an 8 position rotary switch coupled to a transformer. The Third Control is marked White, and are connected with a double gang wire wound potentiometers.

Plan: Most of my lights are: 28v, 12v, and 5vdc for LEDs. So I have included the following table to help. The connector is a Burndy DC22E20-41P. Its mate should be a  Burndy DC26F20-41S. I have included a partial pinout diagram below#Connector. Please see the Component Description Page here.

PINnumberDescriptionWhat goes where
b28Panel Lamp - Ground Bound
D27Panel Light V-
C26Panel Light V+
G25VCC R1+12vdc Bus
H24VCC R2+28vdc Bus
J23Wiper R228vdc Lighting Bus
c22Wiper R112vdc Lighting Bus

I will run 28vdc (H) from the 28vdc buss through R2 and out the wiper via (J) and to the 28vdc lighting Bus. I will do the same for the 12vdc buss as well.
I will have to open up the controller and remove the knobs and panel to see what the requirement is.
(a few hours later)Well, I opened it up (you can see the pretty pictures), and found the light panel. And it is a 5vdc led panel made by Spectrlux part number 9915674-505. A quick call to them should let me know if I need to limit the current or not.
(next day) Wow, after playing telephone tag yesterday, I am no better off. When you call them you get a machine and NOBODY ever picks up. (I need a plan here). Late in the day I got a call from Spectralux and assured me that the panel has small light bulbs. Onwards and Upwards!

image 1
The Guts
image 2
Back of the Light Panel
image 3
Rear Connector
image 4
DC-9 Cockpit Panel is outlined in Red.

image 5
Proposed Schematic